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A Drama Simplified

Whooeee— we’ve got a living drama going on right before our eyes! I don’t mean the classical Tragedy unfolding south of us as the American government destroys the environment while undermining the rule of law.  No, no. Not that.  There’s … Continue reading

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Between Friends

Two days ago I sent a very brief e-mail to a friend in the States giving a link to a Trump spoof available on U-tube. It sparked a brief exchange of letters that strike me as being rather interesting. For … Continue reading

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The Missing Debate

It‛s been a long campaign and I thought in my ignorance that eventually the real debate would emerge. But no. It‛s all been about the economy, jobs, the niqab, fractured citizenship, refugees, deficits, terrorists, environment, and other comparative trivialities. I … Continue reading

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The Good Ship Earth, refloated.

 In honour of Earth Day I am refloating a blog item from April 22nd, 2013. The following is verbatim from two years ago and, as you will see, its roots go far deeper than that. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A casual premise of … Continue reading

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Opera or Porn?

The other day a friend asked why I have not recently been posting anything  on my blog. I gave some lame explanation but the real truth is that I‛m confused. I tend to post an item when something, usually political, … Continue reading

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The Good Ship Earth, Refloated

A casual premise of this blog has been to take a look, every now and then, at current conditions and to ask ourselves whether any progress has been made in the last quarter century or so.   Earth Day 2013 is … Continue reading

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Why is the PM celebrating 1812?

I watch the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812 and I watch Prime Minister Harper and his minions basking in the glow of history (and royalty) and I am overwhelmed by the paradox of it all. … Continue reading

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