Always An Updraft: a writer remembers
Always An Updraft

In Always An Updraft, Munroe Scott takes us on a personal lifelong journey through the complicated terrain of a freelance writer in Canada. The vivid descriptions of his journey are full of factual eye-opening scenes, with roadblocks and successes—underscored with humour. It is a work of a highly accomplished story teller, writer-director of many hours of prime Canadian television , and an award-winning playwright.

“To aspiring future Film, Television and Theatre writers and directors Always An Updraft is an invaluable collection of lessons, learned in a hard-knocks school, and should be included in Recommended Reading lists for university students studying film-video, theatre and creative writing.
Vincent Vaitiekunas, Professor Emeritus, Film & Video Department, York University

Published by Penumbra Press

ISBN 1894131171
Hardcover, First Edition, 2005

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The Carving of Canada: A Tale of Parliamentary Gothic

The Carving of CanadaThe Carving of Canada begins beside a small fire sparkling on the granite shore of a northern lake as the “Old One”, a storyteller,  blends past and present into an ongoing pageant of Canadian history  while describing the work of Canada’s former Parliamentary Sculptor, Eleanor Milne, and her associates as they created three impressive masterworks in the Centre Block of the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa – the Frieze of History, The Constitution Stones, and the House of Commons Stained Glass Windows.

“I highly recommend this book.”
Doris G. Etherington, B.A., M.Ed
Former Master of Peterborough Teacher’s College

“This is a remarkable telling of the story of Canada, but even more remarkable is the number of themes touched on which are universal…”
E. Smith, B.A., B.Ed

“…I was fascinated by it!”
G. Wills ,B.Ed., B.Sc. in Psychology

Published by Penumbra Press

The Liberators

The LiberatorsIt is the spring of 1838 as an innocent backwoods girl, full of primal evolutionary yearnings, sets out to liberate her fiancé from the Redcoats at Fort Henry and finds herself involved in a boisterous invasion of Upper Canada with as motley a crew of piratical patriots as ever prowled the Thousand Islands or graced the Canadian political scene. It is a small microcosm of the Upper Canada rebellion that takes place, fittingly enough, after the Rebellion is already over.

“One of the finest recreations of the period immediately following the rebellions of 1837, The Liberators is told with verve and humour. As he has done throughout his career, Munroe Scott has opened a window on what otherwise might have remained an obscure part of Canadian history. No reader can fail to be impressed and delighted.”
Author / Historian R.B.Fleming, Ph.D.

Published by Penumbra Press

McClure: The China Years
(Vol.1 of a biography of Dr. Robert McClure)

McClure1Book of the Month Club Alternate Selection. National Best Seller.

McClure: The China Years chronicles the adventures of Canada’s missionary surgeon from his childhood in China to medical/surgical practice in China throughout the Age of the Warlords and three revolutions.  He pioneered  in community and rural health care, radium treatment for cancer, and family planning. When Japan invaded China he became the field director for the International Red Cross on the Yellow River battlefront. When the war escalated into World War Two he became medical commandant of the Friends Ambulance Unit on the legendary Burma Road.

“… a tremendously readable and illuminating story.”
Ottawa Journal

Published by: CANEC (hardcover); Penguin Canada (paperback)

McClure: Years of Challenge
(Vol 2. of a biography of Dr. Robert McClure)


McClure: Years of Challenge follows Dr. Bob McClure from China to Canada to Gaza to India. After 15 years of service in India he retires  to Canada and becomes the first lay Moderator of the United Church of Canada. He then serves as a volunteer in Peru, Zaire and Northern British Columbia.

“When I reviewed The China Years, I said I couldn’t wait to read the second volume. The sequel has more than justified that expectation.”- Tom Harpur, The Toronto Star

Published by: CANEC (hardcover); Penguin Canada (paperback)

Oh, Vulgar Wind: a Sympathetic Overview of the Common Fart

Oh, Vulgar WindEditor’s Choice – “This witty grab-bag of scientific, literary and anecdotal lore is a breath of fetid air on a subject of universal interest.”
– The Globe and Mail, May 21st,’94

” …. elegant language……Scott’s unflagging joy in his subject and skill in its presentation make this a delightful little book.”
– Dr. Douglas Waugh, Stitches, Oct. 94

Published by: Culture Concepts

From Nation to Colony

From Nation to Colony“I suggest the reader accept these mini-essays as what they are — passionately prejudiced. However, since the prejudice is for a humane, compassionate, egalitarian and evolving Canada that is greatly in peril, then the passion can only be applauded.”
Pierre Berton

“Munroe Scott is one of Canada’s best writers. Anything Munroe says merits attention, so please pay attention to this book.”
Larry Zolf

Published by: Tri-M

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Waltz for a Pagan Drum

Waltz for a Pagan Drum In a story that oscillates between a colonial struggle in Africa and an alien invasion in Ontario, the principals find themselves wedged in a triangle between colonizers, natives, and misunderstood missionaries.

“…an odd combination but, surprisingly, one that works…..(T)he dilemma of the missionaries is not simple. This adventure story explores the complexity with verve and imagination.”
Joan Hind-Smith, The Canadian Churchman, Oct. ’88

“This is a rattling good yarn that keeps you turning the pages. It’s only afterwards you realize the deep moral significance.”

Arnold Edinborough, Financial Post Magazine

Published by: Tri-M

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In the 17 page “speech” the author debunks the popular mythology that says the NDP is inexperienced and fiscally irresponsible. He goes on to contend that there is little difference between Liberals and Conservatives in that both parties are subservient to the powerful “Corporate Creatures” that increasingly dominate the lives of Canadians..

“[An] eloquent undelivered message…. punchiness, relevance, and effective arguments. I hope the NDP will ‘plagiarize’ it.”..

Ed Finn, Senior Editor,  CCPA

Published by Munscott

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How the NDP Got its Name

Excerpt: I want you to know that I asked the elephants if they would mind being the heavies in this story. Well of course their answer was “Heavy is us!”

I said it was going to be an allegory and they said, “Hey, no big words. Big is us!” …

They counted the letters in “fable” and figured it was small enough. But they said they didn’t have a clue what “NDP” meant and didn’t see how you could have a name that meant anything at all with no vowels in it but at any rate it was a small word so I could carry on with their blessing.

“I laughed out loud as I read it …It will be enjoyed by other folk as well.”
Charlie Angus, MP

“…a delightful tale … better yet, delightful wisdom.”
Irene Matheson, MP

Published by Munscott

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