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Consult, Consult — Delay, Delay?

My current fear is that the consult craze when applied to electoral reform will inevitably result, intentionally or unintentionally, in a long delay and the eventual defeat of essential remedial action. Advertisements

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The Missing Debate

It‛s been a long campaign and I thought in my ignorance that eventually the real debate would emerge. But no. It‛s all been about the economy, jobs, the niqab, fractured citizenship, refugees, deficits, terrorists, environment, and other comparative trivialities. I … Continue reading

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Democracy’s Web

Making an analogy is a perilous procedure because it often conjures up diametrically opposed impressions.  Recently I found myself admiring a beautiful spider web, one of those almost round nets carefully hung vertically on two filaments and tethered by two … Continue reading

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