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Let’s Change “Change”

Happy New Year folks, and please pardon that whistling-in-the-dark use of the word “Happy”. Only God knows (and I hear He’s resigned) what our southern cousins are up to these days but for us Canucks we’ve got a very important … Continue reading

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The Enabler

Just a few days after posting The Great Incognitum I was sitting here staring at the keyboard and wondering how to classify Doug Ford, our new Ontario Premier, when suddenly there was Newshawk, the scoundrel, balancing on the Esc button … Continue reading

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The Great Incognitum

This is an essay that’s been buried in my files since 2004.  It is quite long and, unless you are interested in the future welfare of your great grandchildren, you may choose not to read it.  However, at a time … Continue reading

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  Here I am, end of this weekend, just sitting alone in the bleak mid-winter staring at nothing in particular when I hear a rustling in the litter on my desk. “Hey,” I say, “if that’s you my little pest, … Continue reading

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The Good Ship Earth

In case you‛ve forgotten, my premise for this blog was  “to see if what bugged me, amused me, challenged me [in the late 1980s], is still around today?  If it is, then what might that say about the evolution or … Continue reading

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