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A Drama Simplified

Whooeee— we’ve got a living drama going on right before our eyes! I don’t mean the classical Tragedy unfolding south of us as the American government destroys the environment while undermining the rule of law.  No, no. Not that.  There’s … Continue reading

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Warning. Introducing a 40 minute fictional dialogue having to do with religion. Some months ago I posted an original play, in several installments.  Some of you struggled through it and a few even helpfully commented! But don’t go looking for … Continue reading

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The Orator — the involuntary resurrection of Col. Ingersoll

Playwriting is a hazardous business and I suppose at my age I should know better than to mess with it.  There is, however, much truth in the old saw, “Too soon old, too late smart”. When I speak of playwriting I mean … Continue reading

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Bethune in China — a blip in a paragraph

Hey, let me make one thing clear.  I have nothing against Dr. Norman Bethune.  He was an eccentric, extremely talented, and brave man but was his contribution to China so unusual that he deserves a taxpayer-funded 2.5 million dollar addition … Continue reading

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