A full length stage play for one actor and many characters based upon The China Years, Volume One of the playwright’s biography of Dr. Robert McClure. It recreates the adventures of the charismatic Canadian missionary/surgeon who was not only a witness to but an active participant in much of the turbulent history of China during the first half of the 20th century.

“The play is humorous, witty, and startlingly dramatic, and swings rapidly from violence to tenderness, rage to compassion.”
– Arnold Edinborough, The Financial Post, October 4, 1986

“Hamilton’s regional theatre (Theatre Aquarius) scored an impressive hit this March… Not only were the reviews uniformly favourable, but it played to capacity audiences through most of its month-long run.”
– Aadu Pilt, Performing Arts, July 1986

“… a brave and thoughtful piece of theatre.”
– Hamilton Spectator, March 1986

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A full length, large cast play for an open stage in which a Confucian scholar in 1769 Taiwan, appointed to govern a head-hunting tribe, is faced with a cultural uprising in which the threat of violence is used for political blackmail.

“… an epic that would have done credit to a Chinese Bertolt Brecht… It is also sweeping, subtle, profoundly philosophical, immaculately constructed…”
– London Free Press, 1972, review of pre-production version published in A Collection of Canadian Plays, Vol.1.

“… a generous portion of humour, a touch or two of serene poetry and a measure of cool wisdom… it tells of an unequal struggle between logic and passion, civilization and paganism.”
– Christopher Dafoe, The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 19, 1972, review of professional reading of pre-production version.

“Wu-Feng contains some fine moments of theatre.”
– McKenzie Porter, The Toronto Sun, Oct. 24, 1974, reviewing production on main stage, St.Lawrence Centre, Toronto.

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Shylock’s Treasure

Twenty years after the events in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice the principal characters have second thoughts. Shylock’s trial is restaged, Antonio is convicted, and reconciliation is achieved.

“Scott has emulated the quick wit and verbal play of Shakespeare … the language play makes this comedy a delight… Shylock has created his second chance and used it to its maximum.”
– Geraldine Balzer, Canadian Drama, Vol.9, No.2,’83

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The Devil’s Petition

A full length folk play based on an 1830 incident in Upper Canada in which the principal players were the Rev. John Ryerson (brother of the famous Egerton Ryerson) and Dr. John Rolph (later the founder of the University of Toronto’s School of Medicine).

“Two men are accused of stealing an ox and one is sentenced to be hanged. His daughter, a young doctor and a young Methodist clergyman set out to save him….the play is funny, fascinating and reflects the thoughts and customs of early Ontario.”
– Lindsay This Week, July 22, 1981

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Corpus Delectable

An ageing, eccentric Canadian film pioneer is interviewed by a comely oral historian while each is planning a bloodless murder. A full length, two-act play for two actors.

“… a delectable feast… cooked to perfection… thoroughly enjoyable… Highly recommended.”
– Stephen Beecroft, Stoney Creek News, March 1, 1995

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