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Halleluiah! Kudos to The United Church of Canada!

As a layman I wish to extend congratulations to The United Church. It is an organization in which my roots are deeply entwined but one to which I have not always been kind – as you will see if you … Continue reading

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Warning. Introducing a 40 minute fictional dialogue having to do with religion. Some months ago I posted an original play, in several installments.  Some of you struggled through it and a few even helpfully commented! But don’t go looking for … Continue reading

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Vulgarity vs Blasphemy

As an antidote to our gloriously joyful sesquicentennial celebrations  I was about to bring myself back to earth with a cynical blog on the erosion of Promises,  Health Care, the Environment,  World Peace, and so on and so forth when I … Continue reading

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Aw shucks, ’tis the season to be both jolly and nostalgic so let’s go back to 1944 and attend a good old fashioned carol service in which my father, the minister, managed to burn the Christmas cross.  I present this … Continue reading

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The United Church of Canute ?

  Legend has it that more than a thousand years ago King Canute of England sat on the seashore ordering the incoming tide to recede. His intention was to demonstrate to the courtiers that the relentless progress of the tide … Continue reading

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Paradox of Parallels

A paradox is something that seemingly can’t be true but indeed may be true.  In the so-called Israel/Gaza “war” we are faced with a strange paradox of parallels.

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Prime Ministers Mirrored

When I watch the news reports from Gaza and Israel and hear my Prime Minister still declaring that “Canada” stands firmly behind Israel and when I hear his Minister of Foreign Affairs turning the governments‛s pro Israel unilateralism into a … Continue reading

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The Orator — the involuntary resurrection of Col. Ingersoll

Playwriting is a hazardous business and I suppose at my age I should know better than to mess with it.  There is, however, much truth in the old saw, “Too soon old, too late smart”. When I speak of playwriting I mean … Continue reading

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“Our arrival on this earth is not within our power to initiate. Our departure is our concern and if it needs to be hastened it is we who should have the right to orchestrate it.” Once again I am handing  … Continue reading

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Let’s Hear it For Religious Symbols!

As a Christian Agnostic I say, “Let’s hear it for religious symbols!” The Quebec Charter of Values, as so often happens in La Belle Province, has hold of the correct stick but from the wrong end.

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