Between Friends

Two days ago I sent a very brief e-mail to a friend in the States giving a link to a Trump spoof available on U-tube. It sparked a brief exchange of letters that strike me as being rather interesting. For one thing, my own Canadian naiveté got readjusted.  Let me just say that my friend is a well educated and widely read author a full generation younger than myself. Let me also assure you that she has graciously given me her permission to post this exchange.

So here goes:

From ME to HER:

Your morning chuckle…enjoy.

From HER to ME:

Both funny and tragic at the same time! What an amazing impersonation, right?

I’m beginning to understand how the decent German citizens felt in 1939. Can’t something be done about this madman?

I’m glad you’re safe in Canada,

From ME to HER:

We are not at all sure of being safe up here. As Trudeau’s father once said, we’re a mouse sleeping with an elephant. Fortunately at the moment we’ve got a very intelligent prime minister with a bright front bench cabinet.

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is a tough gal of Ukrainian descent who speaks five languages (she is currently banned from Russia) and is also an expert on trade. The Minister of Environment and Climate Change is not only an environmental expert in her own right but a very lovely blonde who should throw the Trump off balance. And the Minister of National Defence is a handsomely bearded turban-wearing Sikh who happens to have an extraordinary personal military record and a straight forward engaging personality. (I hope the Trump knows the Sikhs were considered among the most ferocious fighters in the British army.)

Anyway, my understanding is that these folk and their associates and aides have been assiduously lobbying behind the scenes not only with your military re NORAD but with all the 25 or so State governors whose economy absolutely depends on trade with Canada. When you combine that with the numerous big corporations like auto and oil that are cross border integrated and figure that they must all be working behind the scenes to convince the Trump that the days of closing doors and windows and building walls are long gone, then maybe reality will take hold in Washington. Congress can stop the man if Congress has the will.

Personally I believe that now is the time for a very left of centre party to be formed (around a core of women) and that it should focus all its initial energies on the congressmen of both houses who are up for election in two years time. Put the fear of electoral death into them so that they become pro-progressive ASAP.

Actually, I agree with the co-founder of the Occupy movement (I forget his name) whom I heard regretting that such a party wasn’t formed during the recent massive women’s marches. If there had been party cards to be signed in the American cities then what a membership a new party could have instantly created. That amazing women’s march was before The Moron cut all funding to groups providing abortion or even discussing family planning. That alone could be used to spark another march and in turn create a real party.

I can’t help but think of Lysistrata. I am sure you are familiar with Aristophanes’ old sexual classic play. If I were younger with some energy I’d be tempted to do a racy modern version set in Washington with congressional wives plotting to withhold their favours until their men impeached Trump. Someone’s probably doing it right now. But hey, with your creative talents and your credentials YOU should do it.

Take heart. Hang in there.

From HER to ME:

You know most of us American women have a crush on your prime minister — ha ha! But I know what you mean about the mouse sleeping with an elephant.

Unfortunately, this Congress DOES NOT have the will to stop our maniac-in-charge. They’re all paid by the same handful of billionaires. In fact, I suspect Trump is probably broke–contrary to publicly-held belief, he is NOT a good businessman–and he may be in debt to the people with the puppet strings. Indeed, since that nasty Citizens United rule allows unlimited campaign contributions from foreign entities who are allowed to remain anonymous, our entire Congress may have been chosen by China, Russia, or Saudi Arabia for that matter! This is why Bernie made a point of collecting only individual contributions for his campaign and why he’s now suggesting a grassroots effort, starting from the bottom up.

As far as a new party, it would be nice, but I don’t see it happening.

Unlike a parliamentary system, we’re unused to more than two parties. All other parties are considered outliers and spoilers of the vote. We even have a name for it – Naderism – based on the time George W. Bush won in part because Ralph Nader split the Democratic vote. In fact, this is why Bernie, although an Independent, ran as a Democrat.

Many are trying to reform the Democratic party, to mold it into more of a party for the People by forcing a Progressive, democratic socialist agenda. Even that’s a bit tricky, because there’s a rift between the Hillary and Bernie folks at this point. I think Elizabeth Warren might have a shot in the next election, but that’s four long years away, and considering how much damage has already been done in one week, I’m not sure we’ll even have a democracy by then.

To make matters worse, we’re in the propaganda phase of fascism, where our corporate-controlled media is collaborating to misinform the populace and drum up fear. I wonder how much longer we’ll have net neutrality, so at least we’ll have access to the truth online. It all feels very grim.

It’s interesting you mention Lysistrata, because I’ve said that a few times in recent history, especially around the days of the Women’s March. I don’t think that scheme would actually work, however, since I’m pretty sure these clowns in Congress are getting a lot of side action from advancement-seeking interns.

I wish it were easier to secede. California’s population is about the same as all of Canada, and its economy is the sixth largest in the world. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of that goes to subsidize our poorer states – the ones that voted for Trump.

What’s that Chinese curse? “May you live in interesting times.”

Hanging in there,


So there, dear reader, you have it.  All triggered by Dutch sense of humour and unfettered U-tube access.  Interesting people, the Dutch.  They’ve  learned to live, farm, build cities, factories, airports, and even to grow flowers, all in the open air below sea level!  It’s an art many of the world’s peoples will soon have to learn unless a legitimate way is found to dismantle the Trump of Trump Towers.  And I say “legitimate” because an illegitimate way would trigger even more chaos.



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6 Responses to Between Friends

  1. On the other hand, the Devil says …

    I have a grudging admiration for Donald Trump.

    I like the way he’s bullied the big auto companies into keeping jobs in the US. Meanwhile, our leaders go cap in hand to corporations saying, “please sir, could we have some more? We’ll pay you to stay.” We bribe and blubber; Trump blusters and bullies. You see Mr Trudeau? You don’t have to be a slave to free trade agreements.

    With a couple of tweets, he chastened the Republican elites into dropping their cockeyed attempt to kill off the federal Ethics Officer. After all, you can’t drain a swamp if you don’t have a backhoe.

    And, it’s nice to see a Commander in Chief skeptical of CIA intelligence. After all, this is the organization that said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. These are the spooks who have assassinated (or tried to) any number of heads of state. They’re masters of deception and regime change and now they’re claiming the Russians hacked the election? I think skepticism is a healthy response.

    Say what you like about President Trump … and a lot of it would be true … you have to admit he’s changing how the Great Game is played. And that might be a good thing.

  2. Fascinating article. I don’t think this is Germany in the 1930s, early or late. I think we’re jumping the queue by trying to paint Trump with that brush. If we use out all our Fascist/Nazi references now, what are we going to do if/when the real things happens? Nobody will believe us.

    I quite enjoyed the Dutch video. I’m surprised I haven’t seen this on Facebook. Thanks for sharing it and, as always, your considered thoughts on the matter.

    • Munroe Scott says:

      Jason, I appreciate your concern about the reference to Nazi Germany but I assure you that many of us of my generation remember only too well Hitler’s propaganda minister, Herr Goebbels, and his “big lie” technique. When we see what appears to be “the real thing” happening again, are we supposed to simply wait and see? It’s a conundrum, I know, but history does repeat and repeat. I hope you are correct and that I am wrong.

  3. Earle Gray says:

    If Trump and Putin continue unchecked, it could well lead to the disintigration of western liberal multicultural democracy, and the foundation of economic prosperity. Which, as it turns out, is precisely the intent of Trump’s chief strategist, senior advisor, and Svengali.
    That would be Stephen Bannon, the Harvard-educated former investment banker, Hollywood film producer, CEO of the radical-right Breitbart News website, who fancies himself the leader of “a revolution” and a “war of immense proportions,” as he explained in 2014, speaking from New York by Skype to a conference of the Human Dignity Institute in the Vatican. The 7,200-word transcript of Bannon’s talk, published November 15 by BuzzFeed, is seen as a key document to understanding Bannon’s worldview that is at least a good part of what impels and guides Trump. You can check it out with this link
    There are many other frightening items about Bannon on the web. For anyone interested, a good, reasonably reliable place to start is Wikipedia.

    • Munroe Scott says:

      Earle, thanks for the link. I’ll check it out. And I hope that Jason, who responded just before you, realizes that you’re one of my generation — the ones with long memories.

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