We saw it right before our eyes. It was in full colour on TV.  A surgeon sliced open the underbelly of a patient and gave us a glimpse of the grizzly tumour that lay within.

The surgeon was Canada’s recent Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Reybould, M.P.  The operating room was a committee room on Parliament Hill.  The patient was not the governing Liberal Party nor was it, as the Opposition parties vehemently declare, the Prime Minister. The patient was contemporary Democratic Government and the operation, although potentially bloody, was performed with calm skill and may very well turn out to have been a life saver.

The tumour that was selectively revealed was merely the SNC-Lavalin outcropping of a much larger one, lying deeply within, composed of other huge corporate entities – too big to fail, too big to punish – that in reality control the economy.

Parliament makes the laws and the bureaucrats make the regulations.  Recently, caught in the middle of a China/USA legal confrontation, we Canadians were assured and reassured that our country lives by “the rule of law”.  “The rule of law” became a mantra and was rightly endorsed and echoed by all parties.  But in Operation Truth we saw proof that government, seized by the corporate cancer in its bowels, is reluctant to apply the rule of law to the real shapers of the economy who, thanks to holding as hostages thousands of wage-earners in key areas, have become accustomed to side-stepping law.

We’ve watched it for years but, blinded by mythology, have failed to realize that what lies behind discriminatory tax exemptions, selective corporate subsidies, broken treaties, ignored mandatory consultations, depleted water tables, poisoned rivers, boreal forest wastelands, etcetera, is the fact that all parties, when in power, have gradually yielded to the selective bending of laws as a palliative pill to assuage the pain of the malignant growth in the body politic.

I greatly fear that the PM, in trying to justify the tumour that has become nationally embedded, will only further tarnish his own impressive credentials.  If he pushes onward and lets the new Attorney General suture the wound without remedy then the monstrous disease will only grow and fester.

Of course, any Opposition leader who calls for the PM’s resignation, imagining himself as the replacement PM, will simply inherit the disease that his own party in earlier phases has helped to metastasize.  All our leaders, and especially the PM, might do well to own up to the reality of what the truth-surgeon actually exposed in the committee OR.  They might vow to make a concerted co-operative effort to shrink the tumour and to return a healthy democracy to the people.

All of this, of course, is simply my own opinion and is merely based on years of observing the political scene, plus a tendency to read investigative journalism —  and to exploit a metaphor.  🙂



About Munroe Scott

Munroe Scott is a veteran of the freelance writing world.
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9 Responses to OPERATION TRUTH

  1. Dvae Valentine says:

    I’m with you Munroe.
    Recognizing and dealing with this, and taxing the wealthy, would be a couple of steps towards democracy.

  2. Edward Smith says:

    Bravo Munroe. The metaphor shouldn’t be necessary, but in your skilled hands it does help to convey the unpalatable. Obfuscation and dissembling may yet prevail, but not “down paradox lane”!

  3. Karen says:

    I thought Jody Wilson-Reybould’s performance was masterful (mistress-ful?). Very calm, yet forceful. But, and maybe it is just because I too am old, but are we so far down that road and there seems to be little political will to alter course. BTW, what do you think about CPAC in the U.S. .fighting the paper tiger of the Socialist Democratic Party! Glad to see you are feeling better.

    • Munroe Scott says:

      Thanks Karen. I can’t, and will not believe that we’re too far down that road.
      As for the Americans again revising “socialism” I am convince none of them even know what the word means.

  4. everettecowan says:

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  5. Dave Valentine says:

    Would I be incorrect to assume that were a Conservative government in power there would have been no scandal, and SNC-Lavelin would be chugging along as usual?

    • Munroe Scott says:

      Dave, I feel quite confident in saying that you would not be incorrect. And without wishing to cast any aspersions I think it is quite safe to say that if the replacement AG had held the office earlier all would be chugging along as usual, quite scandal free. And let’s be clear, if the Conservatives were in power there would be no scandal either. They’re eyeing the election, too.

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