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Prime Ministers Mirrored

When I watch the news reports from Gaza and Israel and hear my Prime Minister still declaring that “Canada” stands firmly behind Israel and when I hear his Minister of Foreign Affairs turning the governments‛s pro Israel unilateralism into a … Continue reading

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Opera or Porn?

The other day a friend asked why I have not recently been posting anything  on my blog. I gave some lame explanation but the real truth is that I‛m confused. I tend to post an item when something, usually political, … Continue reading

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A Disarming Song

Make no mistake, I‛m all for disarmament.  Any disarmament, from sidearms to nuclear bombs, is just fine with me.  But forgive me if I no longer become unduly excited when a particularly evil weapon is discarded – or slated to … Continue reading

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A Sanity Overhaul

Question: What separates two multi-billion dollar follies? Answer: About 23 years. I’m beginning to question the sanity of our Canadian leaders. No, wait – “beginning” is the wrong word.  I mean “again”. But before peering over our shoulders let’s peer … Continue reading

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