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Mathematics and Electoral Reform

Our “sunny ways” government is willing to give Elizabeth May (M.P. for Saanich-Gulf Islands) a place on the electoral reform committee but not to give her a vote. Well, shucks, there’s an easy mathematical way around that. Ask her to … Continue reading

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Elephants in the Senate

Am I nuts? Hey, wait. Don‛t answer that. But on second thoughts, do answer it. I‛d like to know. All this Senate froo-furraw is enough to make any of us doubt our sanity. My problem is not with the smell … Continue reading

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A Suggestion for Jack

Stephen Harper is a master at carrying out incremental destruction – one step at a time he’s dismantling anything and everybody that gets in his way. But hey, Jack Layton has been advocating a little destruction himself — and not … Continue reading

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