Wearing the Past

Hi, it’s me again. Newshawk. I know, I know, this ain’t my blog. (I don’t really say “ain’t” but if it annoys Munroe it may upset him enough to want to repossess this blasted blog.) What’s bugging this bug is that there’s an Ontario provincial election on and Munroe’s just sitting here reading — of all things, Homer’s Illiad! Translation, of course. (He’s not really a scholar.)  But how out of it can you get –

 – oh, oh – wait–

 — he’s coming over.  Maybe he’s caught the urge.

Newshawk, what the devil are you up to?  Stop dancing on my keyboard.

Just getting your blog ready in case you want to rant.

I don’t rant any more.

I thought Doug Ford would light your fire. That maybe you’d object to the way they’re bad mouthing Bob Rae and his old NDP?

That says more about them than Rae.  Bob has become an esteemed and very useful elder statesman.  Ford’s pointing back at Rae for fear we’ll remember Mike Harris.

(Ah ha!  That should do it.)

Ford’s just a Mike Harris retread.  New pattern but same old rotten rubber.  Same old “cut taxes” b.s. that both Cons and Libs use to brainwash folk into thinking it’s the recipe for happiness. “People know better than the government how to spend the money in their pocket.” Bah! What nonsense. That may be true if you’re buying a car but try building the road it runs on.  Let me know next time you hear a husband or wife saying, “Dearie, let’s cut our income so we can build a bigger house, get Petie’s teeth fixed, and send Janie to University.”  I could never understand how what would be nonsense at the kitchen table becomes wisdom on the hustings.

But Ford says he’ll pay for essentials by finding efficiencies.

Oh he’d be creative.  You bet.  Mike Harris was creative.  He simply downloaded all kinds of things onto municipalities and townships. Took services off his books and let lesser governments do or die trying to provide them. What a shell game. Entire highways vanished from provincial books.

I know, I know. You wrote about that. I found some of it. You called it “The Shell Game Waltz”.  Remember?

You found that doggerel?

This was you – way back then. You imagined Harris singing it:

My Up-taking, Down-loading, Out-sourcing Waltz
Is said to be fair but that’s basically false.
You’ll think that you’re winning
But find that you’ve lost —
When Government services all have been tossed.

My Up-taking, Down-loading, Out-sourcing  Dance
Makes certain for us what for you is mere chance.
It’s revenue neutral
But truly my dears,
It’s you that’s in neutral while we’re in high gear.

My Up-taking, Down-loading, Out-sourcing Scheme
Is a nightmare for you but a premier’s dream.
While you try to count it
And curse it and cuss,
I save lots of money to pass on to us!

Remember? And there’s more.

Newshawk you insect, you’ve been rummaging around in the trash bins of my computer.

You didn’t mean it?

Sure I meant it.  I write doggerel when I get mad.  But I filed it.  Didn’t use it!

But now Ford doesn’t make you mad?

Ford makes me tired.  We’ve seen all this stuff before.  “Efficiencies” my eye.  Harris cut nurses, hospitals, hacked at education – my God, remember his “Quality of Education Act”? That was its name! “Quality of Education Act”.  Ha!  I put it through a word search.  I think “Quality” appeared only once beyond the title.  It was all about power.  Power for the Party over Education.

You remember all that?

Everybody should damn well remember all that.  Our children should learn it at their mothers’ knees.  His PC Minister of Education claimed that to improve the system it should first be totally destroyed – and they set out to try just that.

What happened?

The teachers went into rebellion mode. Thank you teachers.

So when you look at Doug Ford you see Mike Harris?

In spades.  So if the PCs want the NDP to wear compassionate and intelligent Bob Rae let the PCs wear Harris.

What about Ms Wynne?

I see Ontario Hydro.

A generating station?

An institution.  Some of us actually remember when Ontario Hydro was the biggest public utility in the world – owned by the people – the flagship of Ontario progress.  Now look at it.  Hacked open.  Parts sold off to line private pockets.  In disarray.  Sections possibly corrupt.  Sir Adam Beck must be doing enough whirling in his grave to dig another tunnel under Niagara.  I look at Wynne, I look at Hydro.  Let the Liberals wear that.

So, oh Aged One, from the depths of your vast wisdom –

Don’t be sarcastic my little exoskeletal friend.

Sorry, my Guru, but –

Stop it! And get off my keyboard.

So how are you going to vote?  NDP, I suppose?

You impertinent little hop-about. Okay, okay, I will say this.  I tell myself that each Party chooses a leader the Party members like so it follows that each leader personifies the Party.  In this election I’ll be quite content to put my gut into gear with my brain and head happily to the voting booth to vote for the Party and leader I like.  Other than saying that, Newshawk old friend, it’s confidential.


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7 Responses to Wearing the Past

  1. Dave Valentine says:

    Yep. That’s about the size of it.
    My protest vote will be Green…

    • Munroe Scott says:

      I understand. And if we could get rid of the damned first-past-the post system a “protest” vote would actually count.

      • Dave Valentine says:

        I’m afraid the shine has gone off our ‘new man’ Prime Minister. I’ve not often written the PM, but found it necessary to complain about his abandonment of electoral reform and buying
        Kinder-Morgan’s blunder.

      • Munroe Scott says:

        I agree Dave. He is certainly very badly tarnished in my eyes on both those counts. I am convinced that with relation to Big F*****g Fossil Fuels he is on the wrong side of history. Which has the potential to put us all on the wrong side of survival.

      • Dave Valentine says:

        Interesting. The exact words I used in my note to the PM; on the wrong side of history.
        Dave V.

      • Munroe Scott says:

        We can’t both be wrong.

      • Munroe Scott says:

        We can’t both be wrong

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