Name of the Prince

This is not a blog article.   This a shot in the dark just for the hell of it.   This is an intuitive guess for the name of the new Baby Cambridge, a Prince of Canada.

I hope it will be, and I hereby predict that it will be —


End of blog item.


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Munroe Scott is a veteran of the freelance writing world.
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3 Responses to Name of the Prince

  1. Lionel Strange says:

    I agree with you Munroe. Arthur would be an excellent name for the new prince.My opinion does not of course have anything to do with the fact that I also have that name.
    I happen to remember a delightful little ode from the Victorian era that my mother taught me and which is perhaps appropriate for this royal occasion.. Here it is:

    When good king Arthur ruled the land he was a goodly king.
    He took three bags of barley meal to make a bag pudding.
    A bag pudding the queen did make and stuffed it well with plums
    And in it put great lumps of fat as big as my two thumbs.
    The king and queen did eat thereof and many more beside
    And what they did not eat that night the queen next morning fried.

  2. Earle Gray says:

    Wherefore are thou Art?

    • Munroe Scott says:

      Well, what the heck. By suggesting Arthur I thought it might spark a little resurgence of idealism — search for the Holy Grail, rescuing women in distress, conferencing around a table with peers, etc. Recognizing positive mythology. Of course Arthur the First ended badly, but he tried. (If he ever existed, but let’s not nit-pick.)

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