Kudos for a Great Lady

This may well be the shortest blog I‛ll ever write.  Suffice it to say how moving I found it over the last few days to see and hear the tributes being paid to Elizabeth the Queen for her personal achievement throughout these chaotic decades  of maintaining  both her dignity (and that of the Crown) and her unwavering sense of service and loyalty to her people.  Various UK citizens voiced a variation of the line, “Thank you for making us proud of being British.”

The diverse members of the Commonwealth can also say, “Thank you for making us proud to be members of the British Commonwealth.”

But surely there is a paradox in the fact that  Queen Elizabeth of Canada’s current First Minister basks in the glow of Royal association while crafting a diamentrically opposite personal legacy for himself.  “Mr. Harper, you made us feel ashamed of being Canadian.”

Won’t echo quite the same in the halls of history, eh?


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Munroe Scott is a veteran of the freelance writing world.
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2 Responses to Kudos for a Great Lady

  1. DON STREIBIG says:

    Hi, Munroe:

    Yes, our press and television has been full of the Queen’s celebrations. My wife Joan and I were newly weds living in our US Army flat in Augsburg when she was crowned. We saved all the UK newspapers celebrating the event, printed with gold ink. Alas, in 60 years the gold has faded and the history has been erased to aging eyes.

    The big bash in front of Buckingham Palace looked like fun. I didn’t know that Sir Cliff Richard was still alive! But I’m glad to know you are very much alive. God bless the Queen and Munroe, too!

    DON in Columbus, Ohio

  2. Earle Gray says:

    The monarchy might never again be as great as in her reign.

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