The Neglected Elephant

In this election there is an  elephant in the room that is being sadly neglected.  There are sideways glances being made by the NDP but not, as far as I have seen, any full face confrontations.

The looming presence of the beast should be the focal point of this particular election, otherwise all promises for societal improvement are meaningless.  

The elephant is the reality of ever increasing Corporate domination.

Oh sure, there’s some talk about the need to increase corporate taxes on the Big Ones and contrary talk about how destructive that would be for job creation. (Oddly enough, there’s precious little talk about higher taxing of their multi-millionaire top executives.  Is there any conceivable way that could adversely affect employment?)

But the real threat has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with domination.  In the States the Corporations have already taken almost total control as is made evident every day in numerous state legislatures where democracy is being trampled in the mud and everything from unions,  to Medicare, to Truth itself is under savage siege.

At the risk of going over old ground (for me) I’m going to quote from myself and a little 20 page 2010 publication called The Speech I’ll Never Give or what I would say if I were running for parliament as an NDP candidate – which I’m not.

In this pamphlet, booklet, rant, or whatever, I refer to the Big Corps not only as the New Establishment (as opposed to the old establishment of human elites) but as “Corporate Creatures”.

The Speech Ill Never Give or what I would say if
I were running for Parliament as an NDP candidate –
which I’m not.

[an excerpt]

Have you ever seen a Corporate Creature?  You have not. They are invisible. And yet our governments make treaties that permit us to be collectively sued for a Creature’s loss of potential profit!  If some of an agricultural Creature’s patented seed blows into a farmer’s field the farmer is sued for infringement of copyright! These illusory entities demand to exercise our human right of free speech!  These fictitious beings don’t even have a biological life span!

A number of years ago, as a playwright, I tried to describe them.  One character, a governor, is talking to a merchant and says , “We men at least create our gods in our own image and ignore them at will, but Companies we hallucinate into a reality more real than ourselves. Oh yes, when we have all gone raving off the precipice our  Companies will be left to assess our demise as profit or loss, counting the total on an abacus made from the ivory of our own bones.”

Today those Corporate Creatures dominate our lives. If you’ve just lost your job because your work place has been shipped off to another country – if half your fellow workers have just been fired while the CEO got an enormous bonus for improving the bottom line –  if you just reached retirement as your life savings were cut in half, don’t pretend it’s got nothing to do with the freewheeling New Establishment.

And why does this New Establishment  function so freely and so ruthlessly?

Because our governments, both Liberal and Conservative, have permitted it. [….]

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is where the rubber hits the road.
When it comes to serving the [Corporate Creatures] there is little difference between the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party. [….]

Don’t believe me?  Let  me illustrate.

Take a peek inside any of the so-called summit meetings  –  Federal-Provincial, Three Amigos, G8, Gee whiz.  It will only be a peek because you can’t get close.

You’ll recognize your elected pooh bahs and their minions, but hey, who’s that big creature sitting just behind our federal team and whispering in its ears?

Why, it’s the Canadian Council of Chief Executives! The CCCE.

The CCCE is made up of the Chief Executive Officers, the CEOs,  of 150 of Canada’s biggest corporations – many of which are subsidiaries of foreign corporations.[….]

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives’  own website describes itself as “a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization … [that]  engage[s] in an active program of public policy research, consultation and advocacy.”

Let’s think about that.  Not-for-profit?  Well, the organization itself may not be for profit but many of its individual members have astronomical personal take-home-pay and bonuses.

Non-partisan.  Well of course it’s non-partisan.  It’s approved of by both the Liberals and the Conserva-tives or it wouldn’t be near the Summit tables.

When our governments meet, the CCCE, representing it’s 150 corporate CEOs, is always cozily at the trough  – like, say, at Montebello – remember Montebello?

Other non-partisan organizations – like, say, the Council of Canadians, with a paying membership of 60,000 – was not – never is –  near the table.  It’s voices are always several kilometres away, beyond high wire, breathing tear gas with the other non-governmental organizations – the other grassroots, people-oriented, not-for-profit outfits.

But strangely, the Council of Canadians is also, like the CCCE,  a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization that  engages in an active program of public policy research, consultation and advocacy.  Sound familiar?  The identical mandate.

Even so, it’s the CCCE reps, the visible tip of the New Establishment, who are always inside the tent, who are at the table, inside the protection of tear gas, inside the wire, inside the ring of helmeted shield-bearing protectors – all, by the way, paid for by you, by us. The CCCE is always near the table with whomever happens to be in power – Liberal or Conservative – it makes no difference.  There is no difference.

Here, to illustrate, is a bedtime story. I doubt it will put you to sleep. I hope it doesn’t give you nightmares.  A very few years ago there was a staunch Liberal member of Parliament – I’m not naming names, because the humans –  the flesh and blood folk –   are mere servants, tools if you will, of the alien creatures who are the New Establishment. I’m not at all sure they can help themselves, poor folk.  Anyway, there was this staunch Liberal member of Parliament who was the fair haired boy of two Liberal prime ministers and became, in succession, Minister of Industry, Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance.  In 2003 he ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party but was unsuccessful and supposedly left politics.  Failed ambition. Ah well, a good try.

But wait.

He became the Chair of a Royal Commission on energy,  joined a law firm with offices in Toronto and Ottawa, was made a Director of Nortel Networks and of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. He soon chaired the Independent Task Force on the Future of North America, a project of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations. Under him, that Task Force recommended an economic union between Canada, Mexico and the United States.  This was something the Canadian Council of Chief Executives had long been striving for – the New Establishment’s dream – one vast North American level hunting ground for the Corporate Creatures. (They like to call it a level “playing field”. Don’t let them kid you.  It’s a hunting ground.  The quarry? Your pocket book, your labour, your children’s minds.)

And then – in June of 2009 – this good, loyal, no-longer-in-politics Liberal was chosen to be the new President and CEO of –  wait for it again – the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

Several years ago renowned author Peter C. Newman said that the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives is the real prime minister of Canada.  So much for failed ambition.

So again, I say, Liberals, Conservatives – little difference.

If this were a rational society those Summit shield bearers with their tear gas and batons would be facing the other way – to protect us from the Creatures of the New Establishment.   But this is not a rational society.  If it were, our leaders would not be afraid of us.  They’d be protecting us.  That’s what government used to do.  That’s what government is for.  Our constitution calls for “Peace, order and good government”. That’s ass backwards, but never mind.  First, Good Government brings Good Order and then Good Order brings Peace.  Unless, that is, the order is dictated by and on behalf of the New Establishment and is enforced by tear gas, pepper spray, water cannon, and batons.  That kind of order will eventually destroy all peace.

So what can we do about it?

Well, for starters, stop mindlessly sending a majority of Conservatives and Liberals to Parliament Hill under the illusion that there is any fundamental difference between them.

Be sane, be brave, be intelligent, be rebels.  Send a strong contingent of the one major Party that has always believed in the necessity for the people to have rational control of the more predatory Corporate Creatures. [….]

So, okay, I got that partially off my chest.  Again.  But in the interest of brevity I omitted the passages which emphasize that Corporate Creatures flourish on the profits from endless War, Terror, Illness, Crime, Natural Disasters, Unsustainable Growth, and Environmental Degradation.  For the Creatures all such catastrophic things are endlessly profitable and therefore desirable.  Personally, I don’t want their minions in control of our parliament.

So okay.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe the elephant of Corporate Domination is front and centre in this crucial election.  Let me know if any of your candidates see it.


Extract from The Speech I’ll Never Give…
Copyright © Munroe Scott
Published by Munscott 2010


About Munroe Scott

Munroe Scott is a veteran of the freelance writing world.
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3 Responses to The Neglected Elephant

  1. Mark Finnan says:

    Right On Munroe! For some time now I have been tempted to ask the local representatives of the two larger parties if they know that the parties they belong to are being successfully manipulated by a hidden Corporate agenda(which of late does not seem to be all that hidden). I expect I would get a look of total bewilderment or a condescending smile towards one who had obviously bought into some nonsensical conspiracy theory. Of course, as you so effectively (and elegently) point out, there IS a conspiracy, but it’s coming from behind those red and blue doors or from within the red or blue tents, whichever.
    As for the much hyped, so called leaders debate. Shakespeare nailed it a long time ago with the title of one of his plays. ‘Much ado about Nothing’.

  2. lionel strange says:

    The elephant of corporate domination is not bothered by this election and is probably having a nice rest on the beach somewhere. It knows that whatever party gets control of parliament, it ( i.e. the elephant) can influence events through its powerful lobbying organization. It will not waste time trying to influence the electorate. It will get back to work as soon as it knows which set of cabinet ministers it has to work on.
    The idea that the NDP.if it became the government, would not succumb to the power of the lobbyists is not realistic. The power of the financial elite is certainly awesome and, as events in the USA have demonstrated, it can even maintain its profits while at the same time bankrupting the nation.

    • Munroe Scott says:

      Wow! I scared myself with the Corporate Creature thesis but now, when a former very senior civil servant agrees with me, I’m bloody well petrified. And it doesn’t help my equanimity when you write off the NDP. You may, of course, be quite correct but at least the NDP offers Hope, which is more than I can say for the others. After all, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.”
      Okay, I know and you know that old A. Pope’s next line is “Man never is, but always to be, blest.”

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